Watch an Exclusive Clip from “The Human Trial”, a New Documentary on the Struggle for a Type 1 Diabetes Cure

We are delighted to present an exclusive clip from The Human Trial, the new documentary on the search for a type 1 diabetes cure.

In the clip below, you can see a ViaCyte employee in an emotional moment, struggling with the enormity of the expectations of people with diabetes. ViaCyte is one of several companies racing to prove that effective lab-grown islet cells can be transplanted into patients, ideally without the use of immunosuppressive drugs.

The film was granted unprecedented access to the clinical trials needed to advance the science of a diabetes cure. It follows both the scientists and the patients working towards a cure.

Here’s a word from the makers of the film:

The Human Trial peels back the headlines to show the sweat, passion and sacrifice poured into every medical breakthrough. It interweaves the stories of the patients — who have borne the physical and financial burdens of type 1 diabetes (T1D) — with the researchers who epitomize the struggle of innovating cures. Director Lisa Hepner — whose own T1D fuels her search for a cure — becomes the bridge between these two worlds. The narrative arc is the clinical trial itself.

The Human Trial opens on June 24, in limited theaters and on-demand through virtual cinemas.


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