July’s Most Popular Stories

In case you missed them, below are our top five stories from July 2022. This month’s best stories cover a wide variety of topics, including recent advances toward cures for type 1, a breakdown of diabetes and the pancreas, new diabetes technology, and more!

1. Type 1 Diabetes Cures in Spotlight with Vertex Deal

Vertex Pharmaceuticals announced its intention to acquire the biotechnology company ViaCyte for $320 million in cash, merging two leaders in beta cell replacement therapy in a quest to find cures for type 1 diabetes. Learn the basics of these beta cell replacement therapies and what this means for the search for multiple cures for T1D.

2. Can You Pass Diabetes on to Your Children?

What is the risk of passing diabetes on to your children? Research shows that diabetes has a genetic component, but what does that mean?

3. Pens vs. pumps – New Device Brings Best of Both Worlds

Insulin pens and pumps are two of the most popular choices for insulin delivery. The CeQur Simplicity aims to combine the strengths of both of these technologies.

4. Is Your Pancreas Responsible for Your Diabetes?

The insulin your pancreas makes (or doesn’t make) is at the center of how the body regulates blood glucose levels. Learn more about how this vital organ works and how you can help maintain the health of your pancreas.

5. Expert Advice: What to Do When You Can’t Use Your Insulin Pump

Taking a break from your insulin pump or dealing with a pump malfunction can be a stressful experience. Stanford’s Dr. Ananta Addala, an endocrinologist at Stanford University, gives you a checklist to be prepared in the event that you can’t use your insulin pump.



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