Cool New Diabetes Products We Saw at #ADA2022

We spent last week at 82nd Scientific Sessions, presented by the American Diabetes Association, one of the world’s most important diabetes conferences. It is a grand gathering of the sharpest global minds in the field. It’s also an opportunity for businesses to strut their stuff and impress the many doctors and healthcare professionals.

Here are some of the coolest new products that I saw at the #ADA2022 conference:

The Eversense E3

Image source: Eversense XL

The implantable CGM is here! The unique Eversense CGM system uses a tiny sensor that is surgically implanted under the skin of the upper arm; it stays there and works for 6 months. You then place a removable transmitter over the sensor, which beams glucose readings to your smart phone. There’s an app that shows you your numbers and trends, just like the competition.

We’ve been watching Eversense for years, and have talked to several people that got to try earlier models of the CGM. In 2019, we published this rave review of Eversense technology. Users love the fact that the transmitter can be removed and replaced easily – no worries about bumping into door jambs or getting sensors caught on clothing.

OmniPod 5

Image courtesy of Insulet

Best insulin pump yet? The first tubeless closed-loop insulin delivery system with smartphone control is now available, and it was pretty cool to see one in real life.

The new Omnipod syncs directly with a Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor: every five minutes, the Omnipod receives a new blood sugar measurement and adjusts insulin delivery in response.

When we spoke to Eric Benjamin, Insulet’s Senior Vice President of Innovation & Strategy, he stressed that everything about the Omnipod 5 was designed to be as streamlined and simple as possible to reduce effort, stress, and cognitive burden.

POGO Automatic

This was our very first look at the POGO Automatic, an impressive new all-in-one blood sugar monitor.

When I test my blood sugar with my boring old regular meter, I need three things with me: the lancet, the meter, and the test strips. And my kit definitely does not fit inside my pocket. The POGO combines all three in one pocket-sized device. You load up a cylinder of 10 test strips, and you’re good to go: just press your finger to the POGO and it pricks your finger and collects the blood. It displays the results on the same device.

As a bonus, the POGO Automatic comes with a mobile app to track your blood sugar data. The POGO can be purchased with or without a prescription.

CeQur Simplicity

I’m excited about this unique product, something for those of us that use multiple daily injections (MDI) to deliver insulin: an “insulin patch” that sticks to the body and delivers small doses of rapid insulin with the click of a button. The CeQur Simplicity is a thin and lightweight plastic device that is sort of like an insulin pump, but without any tubes, digital components, or battery. You manually load it with rapid insulin, and attach it to your body as you would a pump. With just a click, the little patch delivers exactly two units of mealtime insulin.

The CeQue Simplicity claims to remove the hassle involved with pulling out an insulin pen or syringe, and allows users to dose insulin very discreetly. Was the pasta portion at the fancy restaurant bigger than you expected? You can click the patch and deliver an extra two-unit dose without anyone noticing.

This is not a true insulin pump: users must continue to use basal insulin injections.

Bigfoot Unity

Here’s something else for readers on MDI, especially those jealous of all the advanced tech and data-tracking that insulin pump users benefit from. The Bigfoot Unity is a system built on a set of smart pen caps that will track your insulin usage and recommend dosage amounts. The smart pen caps work in concert with the Freestyle Libre 2 CGM, and there’s a smartphone app that ties it all together. There’s even a snazzy little traditional blood glucose meter that speaks directly to the app. The smart insulin pen caps are designed to work with every major insulin pen sold in America, both fast- and long-acting.

Gvoke HypoPen

Image by Xeris Pharmaceuticals

The Gvoke HypoPen – a newer glucagon rescue medication – had a big exhibit on the conference floor.

If you have insulin-treated diabetes, you’re surely familiar with the old-school red glucagon kit, a hypoglycemia rescue medication that required some tricky mixing. The Gvoke HypoPen is a huge improvement: it is pre-filled, pre-measured, and ready for instant action. Each pen contains exactly one dose, and it comes in two sizes, one for children, one for adults.

A hypoglycemia rescue pen like this could save your life, or that of a loved one.

Dr. Comfort Shoes

Orthopedic shoes are generally thought to be about as unfashionable as possible – think ugly, chunky, white or black sneakers – but Dr. Comfort showed up with a range of colorful, snazzy, and even sleek options. I liked the look of Sean, a men’s athletic shoe. It’s made from flexible and breathable wool, just like the e-tail smash shoe line Allbirds. It also comes in a variety of widths and, like other diabetic shoes, has extra padding to help cushion tender feet.



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